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Reasons to Utilize Renewable Energy Sources

by Tony - October 11th, 2016.
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solar energy panels and wind turbines

solar energy panels and wind turbines

Carbon Emissions

There are many reasons to move towards utilizing renewable energy sources, but here are four of the most prominent. The first is carbon emissions. Renewable energy technologies are referred to as “clean” or “green” because they produce few, if any, pollutants. Burning fossil fuels, however, sends greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases trap the sun’s heat and contribute to global warming. Climate scientists generally agree that the earth’s average temperature has risen in the past one hundred years’ century. If this trend continues, sea levels will rise, and scientists predict that floods, heat waves, droughts, and other extreme weather conditions will become yet more prevalent.

Finite supply of Fossil Fuels

The second reason to use renewable energy resources is that fuel supplies are finite. Today, fossil fuels are the primary resources used to heat and power homes and fuel automobiles. While it is convenient to use coal, oil, and natural gas to meet our energy needs, these fuels are in limited supply. The rate at which we consume these fuels is much higher than the rate at which new sources are being produced. The world’s global energy needs are expected to grow by 33 percent in the next 20 years. Eventually, there will not be enough nonrenewable fuel to meet these growing needs. Renewable energy can help ensure that ample energy sources are available in the future.


The third reason is the pollution generated by traditional methods of energy creation. Pollutants are released into the air, soil, and water when fossil fuels are burned. These pollutants are the byproducts of incomplete combustion, and include sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. They take a dramatic toll on the environment – and on humans. Acid rain from sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides harms plants and animals. Nitrogen oxides also contribute to the formation of smog. Smog is a type of air pollution derived from vehicular emissions and industrial fumes that reacts with sunlight to form secondary pollutants. It is a growing health risk in many of the most populous areas of the world

Energy Independence

The final reason to embrace renewable energy sources and technologies is that renewable energy will help us develop energy independence and security. The United States imports more than 50 percent of its oil (this figure has grown from 34 percent in 1973). If we replaced some of this imported petroleum with fuels made from plant matter, for example, we could both save money and strengthen our energy security. Renewable energy is plentiful, and the technologies that create it are improving all the time. Renewable energy sources and technologies are a safe, sustainable, and ethical investment.