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Now here is where solar really makes sense

by admin - April 27th, 2016.
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SolarHutTrimThis one photograph tells it all. One place where solar power really makes sense. Even if regular electricity was abundant in this area, which I very much doubt, how would you get it to every little hut and village? Now at least they can charge their cell phones and listen to the radio by day. Maybe even run a power tool or computer or stove or refrigerator or charge a battery.

But what happens on days when the sun doesn’t shine? Look at the barren background in the picture! The sun surely shines there almost every day of the year – and with blazing strength most of the time.

To all the NGO’s working in Africa, I beg of you to print this picture out big and see what you can do to help deploy solar where it really works and is really needed. Nomadic tribes can even load it on their ox carts and take it with them to the next encampment. They will not need sophisticated alignment tools. These Africans are masters of the weather and can surely tell you the best angles to the sun.

Also, electric water pumps are very small and use very little electricity, as I have discovered since moving to the Sierra foothills where most of us have our own wells. Now with solar power you can also supply clean drinking water to people throughout the great and challenged mother continent of Africa.


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