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Community Choice Energy – The future of energy transmission

by Tony - May 31st, 2016.
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Launch of a community choice energy program

Earlier this year the Santa Clara Board of supervisors and the city councils of 11 cities including Cupertino and established the Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE).

Over the next year the SVCE will launch a community

electricity transmission

electricity transmission  tower

choice energy (CCE) program which will provide residents and businesses with a new choice other at the traditional method of receiving power from the utility. Also referred to as Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

The function of a community choice program

A community choice energy functions as an electricity provider which is totally owned and operated locally. The agency buys power instead of the utility on the open market resulting in more renewable energy as a result of increased competition. The CCE will pool demand within their communities and purchase clean energy on the behalf of the residents and businesses.  Under CCE the utility would continue to deliver the electricity over the existing infrastructure.

The Goal

The goal is to help local cities meet their local climate action goals by reducing greenhouse gases emissions from electricity generation.

These are gaining popularity throughout the United States since they provide communities more choices to increase the amount of electricity produced from renewable resources. These programs have been put in place in various places in the Bay Area which has allowed thousands of customers to purchase cleaner energy at lower rates than the commercial utility.  And I would expect there will be more adoption of similar programs throughout the United States and eventually throughout the world.

The prognosis and my action item

As far as I am concerned this will be the future. Programs like these will be required in order to meet the aggressive renewable energy targets set and beyond which is why these will become commonplace. The method is which electricity is transmitted will never be the same. Closer to my home, the county where I reside does not provide a CCE options for its residents in place at the present time. Time to go find out why.